My all time favorite hip-hop documentary is Bazooka Tooth, which centers around the legendary alternative/abstract/indie hip-hop label Definitive Jux and the profoundly talented artists that defined its early formation. If you’re a fan of Cannibal Ox, El-P, Aesop Rock, Def Jux, or  underground hip-hop in general, this is a must see. Bazooka Tooth was recorded back in 2001-2002 when Def Jux was first starting to really take off and Cannibal Ox had recently released the label’s all time best selling album The Cold Vein (in my top 10 favorite hip-hop albums).
Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 1)
Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 2)
Bazooka Tooth: Cannibal Ox & Def Jux (Part 3)
The Show
Rhyme and Reason
A Tribe Called Quest: Beats, Rhymes and Life
Welcome 2 Deathrow Part 1
Welcome 2 Deathrow Part 2
MF DOOM - Redbull Music Academy Lecture
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)
Public Enemy - Prophets of Rage
Beef 1, Beef 2, Beef 3, Beef 4
Big Pun - The Legacy
Wu - The Story of the Wu Tang Clan
Up In Smoke Tour
Jay Z Reasonable Doubt - Classic Albums
The Art of 16 Bars
Eminem Documentary - The Glory Days
Biggie & Tupac
Style Wars
How Hip-Hop Changed The World: Part 1, Part 2. & Part 3
Tupac - Thug Angel
Def Jux: Revenge of the Robots
N.W.A - The World’s Most Dangerous Group
Snoop Dogg Behind The Music
DMX Behind The Music
50 Cent Behind the Music
Nas VH1 documentary
The Game - Life After Math
Planet Rock The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation
40 Years of hip hop by KRS-ONE
The Freshest Kids
Beat Kings w/ Wu’s DJ Mathematics
And Ya Dont Stop
Bosses In the Booth
The Field
United Ghettos of America
Jay Z - Fade to Black
Tupac - Ressurection
Big Fun In The Big Town
Madlib, Babu and Cut Chemist - Brasilintime
Lil Wayne - The Carter Documentary
U-God - Rise Of A Fallen Soldier
Method Man features in Strip Club documentary
48 Hours with Raekwon
Old Dirty Bastard - Dirty Thoughts
Wu-Tang Saga
Dr. Dre Documentary
Eazy-E - The Ruthless Documentary
Black Mafia Family - The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire
U.G.K - Kings of the Underground
Beastie Boys - Beastieography
Louis Theroux - Gangsta Rap
The Notorious B.I.G - Life After Death
J Dilla - Still Shining
Sampling Documentary - Copyright Criminals
Mobb Deep - Infamous Allegiance Part 1
Mobb Deep - Infamous Allegiance Part 2
G-Unit - True Story
Ice-Cube - The Making of a Don
Young Jeezy - A Hustlerz Ambition
Dipset Byrdgang All Access Killa Season
Lil Boosie - Bad Azz
Lil Boosie - Last Dayz
Gucci Mane - No Pad No Pencil
Tony Yayo - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent - Return of the Body Snatchers
Sydney Hip Hop Culture
Whats up Fatlip? (A Spike Jonze short)
Behind the Scenes of Battle Rap - The Reemergance
MTV Diary - Method Man And Redman
Suge Knight - On The Real
Lil Kim - Driven (Behind the music)
Whatever Happened to Hip-Hop?
Vanilla Ice Documentary (lol) 
Jay Z - The Rise of Jay Z
Eazy-E Documentary
Ice T - Behind the Music
Big Daddy Kane Documentary
Kanye West - Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings
The Neptunes - 8th Planet
Danny Brown - Old Documentary
Outkast - Driven
ESPN 30 for 30 - Straight out of L.A (NWA & Raiders documentary): Part 1 , Part 2, & Part 3
Kid Cudi - The Journey Of Mr. Rager
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Bishop Nehru x MF DOOM

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